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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy An iPhone Today

When buying a new phone, people usually have to choose between two of the most popular operating systems.

We are essentially in a duopoly market for smartphones. When people are either upgrading or buying a new smartphone, they consider either to get an Android phone or an iPhone.

The two platforms have matured to the point where it is all a matter of taste when you are choosing your next smartphone.

If you were wondering whether you need an iPhone, this article might help.

1) Excellent Information security:

Information security companies unanimously agree that Apple devices are more secure than Android devices. According to a report by Forbes, 97 percent of smartphone malware targets Android phones.

Android phones get malware and viruses particularly from app stores. Apple’s App Store has fewer apps to offer than the Android phones’ app store, but the number of available apps is not the most important element of app stores.

Apple is very careful with selecting which app developers gain access to the so-called Apple ecosystem, Getting apps that contain malware into the App Store is practically impossible.

2)Consistently Faster Compared to Androids:

No one likes a slow laggy device. It hampers your user experience to the point of annoyance.

Fortunately this is rarely the case on iPhones. iPhones usually feel incredibly snappy even if on paper they seem to have middling amounts of RAM.

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This is thanks to their snappy CPUs, class leading fast internal storage and displays with very low touch latencies.

3) iPhone are easy to us compared to Android:

iPhones usually have a standard user interface across all iPhones, unlike on Android. Their usability comes from simple operating logic: all the apps are launched from the home screen. All the settings, for example, can be found under one menu.

And even if you upgrade your iPhone to the newest model, the operating system still works the same way and taking it into use is easy.

An android phone can be modified and customised in various ways, but the basic features of its operating system are much more complicated and confusing than the iOS system.

If you value an easy to use and good smartphone for basic use, an iPhone is the obvious choice.

4)Apple Pay:

Apple has plenty of rivals, but right now, Apple Pay is the most popular method for making mobile payments which enables making credit and debit card payments using your phone. Paying works the same way as contactless payment with a plastic card, i.e., by placing the phone by the card reader. 

Apple Pay can also be used to make purchases in apps: reserving a hotel room, shopping for clothes or ordering a pizza couldn’t be easier. Google Pay is not yet available in many countries, so users in need of a simple and easy mobile payment method should opt for the Apple iPhone.

5) Responsive support and help:

When you have a problem with your Android phone, you can try finding a solution on online forums or calling your carrier. But with the iPhone, you can tap into a vast database of useful help articles on Apple’s website, get help via live chat or schedule an appointment at an Apple Store Genius Bar.

6) High Display Quality:

It is quite odd to single this one out but Apple is particularly good at calibrating displays. They have shown this time and time again with their computers and smartphones.

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7) Best Apps Support:

The developers of the best and highest quality apps still favour Apple. Most apps use Apple’s App Store as their launch platform and release their apps there much earlier than they do in the Android phones’ Google Play store. This has been the case with some of the most popular apps of recent years, such as Super Mario Run and Snapchat.

Some apps may not be released at all for Android phones. It’s much harder for app developers to create games and apps for Android phones, as there is a wide range of them and many unique features of the phones should be taken into account in the development.

In some cases, some apps perform better than their Android counterparts. A good example is Snapchat. Snapchat on iPhone is so much better than on Android,

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