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Airtel Awuf: Airtel 500MB for N100 Awoof Data Plan Code

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Airtel Awuf: Airtel 500MB for N100 Awoof Data Plan Code

Airtel NG is here again with another fascinating data plan for there customers to stay connected. With this airtel awoof data plan code all airtel users are eligible for this offer. There is no doubt about that and I’m going to show you how to get it.

In this article i will show the full details about the Airtel 500MB awoof offer, such as subscription code, price, eligibility, validity, and how to activate it.

What is Airtel AWOOF Data all About?

Airtel awoof data is a special data plan that is very affordable and cheap to the extent that it is almost free.

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The Airtel awoof data is just like the normal data, you can use it to access and browse any site including social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, X(Twitter), TikTok, Instagram, and others.

Once you activate this airtel awoof data, you can access the internet from your smartphone, Tablet or PC, and Laptop devices.

Who is eligible for the Airtel AWOOF offer?

Eligibility for this offer is based and decided by Airtel meaning that Airtel decides who is eligible for the awoof data. But I will advice you to check the activation code first before concluding if you are eligible or not.

Airtel AWOOF Data Code

To activate this Airtel Awoof Data dial *430# to subscribe to the data bundle. Then select More data bundle to see the available plans.

Airtel Awoof data plans Bundles Available

The following are other airtel awoof data bundles you will find when you dial the code;

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  • 1GB for N200
  • 500MB for N100
  • 40MB for N50

Validity of Airtel Awoof Data Plan

For 1GB for N200 and 500MB for N100 it is valid for 7 days, 40MB for N50 is valid for 1 day.

How to Activate the Awoof Data Offer on Airtel

To activate the Airtel AWOOF data plan, dial *430# and choose option number 3 to see the available bundles. Select 1 for 40MB, 2 for 500MB, 3 for 1GB.

How to check Awoof data balance

Just like a regular data plan, you can dial *323# to check your Airtel Awuf data balance. An SMS will be sent to you containing the details of your data availability.


With the airtel awoof code shown above you will be able to enjoy very affordable and cheap data on your Airtel sim. If you are not eligible for this offer there is other fascinating bundles you can also enjoy click here to check it out.

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