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Airtel Awoof Cheat Code 1GB for ₦100

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In this post you will get to see how to activate the Airtel Awoof Cheat code 1GB for N100.

Airtel 1GB for N100 is not well known to airtel customers because its a new awoof data offer lunched by Airtel.

Just imagine if you can get 1GB data for ₦100, 2GB for ₦200, 5GB for ₦500, 10GB for ₦1000, and so on, won’t you download all those interesting movies you’ve been wanting to watch?

That’s what the Airtel Awoof Cheat code am about to show you in this post has to offer, so read through this article for subscription processes.

Airtel Nigeria is bringing on a much better competition than Glo Nigeria. Airtel shook the internet with its latest Data Bundles by introducing more amazing cheap data plan and their activation codes. This data can be use to stream online and download anything you wish to download.

Do you spend your entire day scrolling through social media? And I bet you’d even live-stream a football match if your favorite team was playing and you still had data left.

That’s precisely why I’ve put together this post about the Airtel cheat code for 1GB at 100 Naira. I’m here to share the Airtel 100 Naira for 1GB code, explain how to activate the plan, outline the eligibility criteria, and guide you on how to obtain 1GB of data with just 100 Naira.

How The Airtel 1GB For ₦100 Works

Airtel 1GB for N100 is an awoof data offer from airtel, it comes in three different bundles, in which you select the one you prefer. It has a validity of 5days and can be used for anything you can think of, streaming, downloading, surfing the internet etc

  • 1GB @ N100 (5days)
  • 2GB @ N200 (5days)
  • 3GB @ N300 (5days)

This plan are very easy to activate, however, they may not available to be enjoyed by all Airtel users, as they require some qualifications.

But if you have a sufficient airtime balance on your Airtel line, and you are eligible for the plans, you can go ahead, subscribe to it, and start enjoying it.

Airtel Cheat Code 100 for 1GB Activation Code

This plan allows you to chat and connect with friends on social media. With just 100 naira, you are given a whooping sum of 1GB to browse your best site and download.

The Airtel cheat code 100 for 1GB can be activated by simply navigating to the dialer app on your phone and dialing *312*562#, then selecting the “1GB for N100” option, and subscribing to the data plan.

Keep in mind that this plan is valid for 5 days, and it is not available on all Airtel SIM, you can also accumulate the data plan by subscribing to it many times. Therefore, if you didn’t see the data menu after dialing the code, just know that the data plan has been discontinued and is not available for you.

How to Be Eligible for Airtel 1GB for 100 Naira

If after dialing the activation code above and you are being shown another thing, that means you are not eligible for the offer, but i will urge you to dial the code 3 times or more.


To be eligible for the Airtel 1GB for N100, your Airtel SIM should be inactive 15 – 30 days, no calls, no recharge, no internet, just abandonee your SIM for 1 month, then you can come back and dial the code to subscribe to the plan.

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