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Airtel Zero Rated Website full list 2023 (sni bug host)

Airtel Zero Rated Website full list 2023

Zero rated website are websites that users can access the website without using any of their data allowance.

Airtel Zero Rated Websites refer to websites that Airtel customers can access without worrying about data charges, making it more affordable for them to browse the web.

Airtel has offered several zero-rated websites to its customers. These include Facebook, Google Search, and Wikipedia, among others. In today’s article I will cover the full list of Airtel Zero rated website (sni host) and how to use it for free internet.

Can Airtel Zero rated website serve for free internet?

Airtel Zero Rated Websites can indeed serve as a means to access the internet for free. These websites are made available to Airtel customers without them having to use their data plans, which means that they can browse these websites without incurring any data charges.

if you’re an Airtel customer, go ahead and take advantage of the company’s zero-rated websites to enjoy free internet access!

Full list of Airtel Zero rated website (sni host)

  • National Open University –
  • Khan Academy –
  • Seesaw –
  • Schoolgate –
  • MobileClassroom -
  • Wikipedia:
  • Khan academy:
  • Coursera:
  • Edx:

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How to use Airtel Zero rated website for free internet (sni free bug host)

To use the Airtel serous rated website you need a VPN app, that will help you to integrate the host and use it for free internet. In this article we will be making using of a well known and simple to use VPN app called Ha tunnel plus. You can go ahead and use any VPN of your choice like http injector, napsternet VPN, anonytun VPN and others.

  • Download and install the ha tunnel VPN app here
  • Click here to learn more on how to use Airtel Zero rated website for free internet on ha tunnel plus application

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The idea behind zero-rated websites is to provide people with access to essential services and information without the burden of data charges. This is especially important in developing countries where access to information and services can be limited, and internet costs can be prohibitively expensive. By providing free access to essential services, zero-rated websites can help bridge the digital divide and promote digital inclusion.

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