Airtime Accumulation: How To Accumulate Airtime On Ignite App

Ignite app is a survey app that helps to give people the power to make their voices heard from surveys on current topics and upstates happening in Nigerian.

Using the ignite app you will be rewarded for answering survey questions and referal also.

How to get started with ignite app

1) Download the app here and sign up with your

Download link 1

Open the app and enter your email, password and referral code
๐Ÿ‘‰ IG2616

3) Then click continue

4) Verify your email address by entering the code sent to your email

5) Enter your first name,last name,phone number

6) Verify your phone number as well

7) Then enter the remaining details and send

Using this procedure,you have registered successfully.

Once you send,it will load the survey page automatically, answer as much as you can to earn

You can convert your points to Airtime or cash

Minimum point withdrawal is 200pt
50 pt – #50
500pt – #500
1000pt – #1000

How to accumulate airtime on ignite app

Here is the Accumulation part. Using the ignite app you can you will be receiving survey that is upto 200 point.

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1) Download cloner app here

Download link

2) Clone the ignite app as many as you can
3) Sign up with different phone numbers and email and repeat the survey to earn.

How to redeem your point on ignite app

1) Click on rewards
2) Then select redeem points at the top

3) The select airtime

4) Choose the network and the ammout to redeem.

5) Then after that you submit and wait for verification

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