COVID 19: Israel Lunches Corona virus symptoms voice detector app

Covid-19 works in a way that once you’re a carrier, it will affect your respiratory system and the signs can be reflected in the patterns of a person’s voice and breathing. Isreal has about 1,600 carrier of Coronavirus with 3 confirmed dead as for now.

On the same primary goal to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), Israel has launched a voice detector that will be able to identify the symptoms in other to pick the person out from the people. The Israeli Defence Ministry made this known on Tuesday.


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“We believe that by analyzing the voice beyond what the human ear can hear, we can unveil dedicated vocal biomarkers that will enable the healthcare community to get insights on the symptoms and hopefully the onset of the COVID-19 virus,” explains the Israeli startup, created in December 2019 through a merger of Beyond Verbal Communication and

“We are deploying a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence method and technique to correlate the voice with the symptoms of COVID-19. This will enable an alert about early symptoms and monitoring at home by only using a smartphone.”


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Tal Wenderow, CEO of Vocalis Health, said that the mobile app algorithm would be used for remote diagnosis and monitoring. The app would only be used by medical staff together with the patients taking part in the study, but the company’s website allows anyone to take part and send a voice sample to the researchers.

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