Earn Up To 10$ or More With Your PayPal Account.

I’ve recently discovered ClipClaps, a popular app that has been downloaded more than 1 million times on Google Play.

The company supposedly rewards you for browsing fun videos and pictures on your mobile device.

ClipClaps is different in that it’s entirely Ad-free, which means the company is not generating ad revenue as other apps do.

What is ClipClaps? 

ClipClaps is a very interesting app that rewards you for browsing viral videos and pictures from your mobile device.

ClipClaps stands out from other reward apps because it’s completely Ad-free.
The company has an ingenious business model that generates revenue without having to display advertising.

By using ClipClaps, you will earn tokens called Clapcoins, which you can convert to US dollars.

Installation and Registration

The app is available on Android and iOS devices.
Therefore, you can download it on Google Play or App Store, respectively.

After the installation, you can choose to sign up using your phone number or Facebook Account.

The registration is very quick if you choose the Facebook option, but I highly recommend reading the Terms of Service and Privacy policy first.

Download Clipclapp Here

How To Earn Up To 10$ On Clipclapp

1) Download clipclapp app from here.


2) After the installation, you can choose to sign up using your phone number or Facebook Account.

3) After signing up you will be given free 1$ but you will need to Redeem it first.
To redeem it click on Redeem and enter the code 7Z3O8J38

4) To earn more rewards, watch videos, play raffle draws and refer friends to the app.

How Do You Get Paid?

The minimum payout threshold is $0.10, which you can easily achieve in one or two days.

Before you can withdraw the money via PayPal, you should open your wallet and convert your ClapCoins to cash.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t process payments via gift cards.

The good news is that ClipClaps won’t charge you any transaction fee if you cash out $0.10.

For higher amounts ($10 – $50), you will be charged a $0.25 fee on each transaction.

You can also earn by:

Watching Videos

It’s very simple!

All you have to do is scroll down to see funny content posted by users.

Most of the content provided by ClipClaps is in the form of entertaining videos, but there are some funny pictures too.

As you scroll down, the video will automatically start playing, and you have the choice to keep watching or move on to the next video.


As you are watching a video or scrolling down, an orange line at the bottom of your screen will keep moving to the right side.

Also, a countdown will start until the line reaches a treasure chest, which is always located on the right side of the screen. Sometimes, you will also find extra chests along the line.


When you open the Silver and Gold treasure chests, you will collect raffle ticket pieces for a chance to win cash prizes and ClapCoins.

To enter a specific raffle, you will have to collect a specific number of ticket pieces found inside the chests.

For example, the $1 raffle only requires 20 pieces whilst the $10 Raffle requires 150.

The higher the card’s level, the better the treasure!

As soon as you reach the goal, you will be allowed to select a card and scratch it.

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