Fast MTN Nigeria APN Settings For 4G LTE

To start enjoying high speed internet on MTN, you need the right settings on your device.
There is no doubt that MTN is one of the fastest networks we have presently in Nigeria, because of their strong and wide coverage in almost all locations you might find yourself.

Sometimes you might experience slow speed while browsing due to poor network coverage, or probably because of incorrect Proxy and Port settings. I will be explaining the settings that you need to set on your device to experience fast browsing speed on your MTN network.

Now head to your Network Settings, select the MTN APN configuration settings and input the following settings on it.

Port: 9201
Username: web
Password: web

MTN APN Settings

Now, Save the APN setting and switch to the new APN you have created.
Now, launch your browser and start browsing. You will experience better stability and a faster speed.

Use the comment section below to tell us if it works for you.

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