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How to Get Free 3.9GB Awoof Data Code for All Network

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How to Get Free 4GB Awoof Data Code for All Network

Here is another Awoof free data to enjoy a whooping of 3.9GB Data for all networks. With the method I will show you in this article all networks is eligible, you don’t need to worry about eligibility.

The popular Opay app that we know is on a promotion in the Opay Application, this promotion is available to all Opay users. During this promotion you will be able to enjoy 3.9GB of data at a very cheap rate. If you don’t know or have an Opay account you have to create an account now to be part of the promotion.

About Opay

Opay is a mobile banking application that helps you in your every day transactions i.e for payments, transfer, loans, savings and other essential services for every individual. You can also pay your bills using the Opay platform like the Airtime, Data, Light bill and lots more.

Requirements needed to participate on the OPay Awoof free 3.5GB data

Its important to note that this Awoof data offer is not totally free but offers a data plan that is very affordable for all users.

To take part in this promotion you must be an Opay user, meaning that you must have an Opay account. If you are yet to create an Opay account Click here to create your account now.

Provide all the details you are asked while signing up, all your details are 100% safe.

How to activate the Awoof 3.9GB free data on Opay

This is a promotion that is being organized by Opay. The promotion offers user 50% discount off any data plan that is made available by Opay. Any network you are using, you are allowed to enjoy this Awoof promo from Opay.

How to get started:

~ Make sure your Opay app is updated

~ Then on the Home, navigate to Data section

~ Wait for a while for the option to come out


~ Then you can scroll right and select the plan you want to activate

~ from the offer we have

  • N100 for 350MB/2 DAYS
  • N250 for 1.8GB/14 DAYS
  • N500 for 3.9GB/30 DAYS

Select the network that you want to activate the Awoof for to see the data promotion available for the network.

~ Make sure you have funds on your account before activating the data.

~ Also note that this Awoof data offer is time bound, as you can see from here, it will start by 19:30, so you have to be active to activate your own.

The Opay Awoof Data promotion is organized by Opay as stated on there App and users can only activate once daily per network and you also have to be online to activate the Awoof data offer. This Awoof data promotion offers user 50% discount from all data purchase which is very good and affordable. Activate your own now.

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