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Glo Football Data Plan: Get 10GB for N1000 [Special plan]

Glo Football Data Plan: Get 10GB for N1000

The Grand masters of data are back with another amazing offer. Glo is welcoming football fans back to football season with a new data packed plan for you to enjoy, Glo has launched a new data plan for streaming your favorite football matches.

Glo wants to make it easier for its fans to stream their favorite football matches this season without having to touch your normal data plan.

This plan offers you as high as 4GB of data for N500 and 10GB for N1000. You can then use this bundle to stream your favorite football game and leagues like the Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga, Série A, and French Ligue on football days only.

The cost of streaming a live football match from the very first minute of the game to the ninetieth minute. As a result of this cost, most people resort to viewing centers and forget about watching any match on their phones – although I know some people just enjoy watching football at sports centers where they will meet their fellow fans. But with these bundle now available, you can now watch all your favorites games in HD quality.

If you don’t have a Good football HD streaming app, I will recommend you to use any of this apps.

New Glo Football Data Bundle

The New Glo football data bundle works exclusively on football days. What that means is that, the special bundle can only be purchased during match days notably Saturdays and Sundays. You won’t be eligible to get the bundle on ordinary days. However, you can accumulate the bundle as much as possible.

The bundle is divided into two

~ N500 for 4GB bundle.
~ N1000 for 10GB bundle.

How to Subscribe to New Glo Football Data Plan

To buy any one of them; Dial *777# > Data > Football Data Plan > SPECIAL DATA PACK.

Viola, the data will be activated, and you’re all ready to stream your favorite football match.

As I said, the plan is only available on the days of football, aside from these days, you may not be able to access it.

Let us know in the comment which plans you’ve been using to stream your football matches using the comment below.

Important Questions you may ask?

Can I use the Glo football bundle to power all apps?

No. The Glo football data plan is exclusively made for match streaming. You can’t use it to download movies, chat, etc. Just like the social media bundles you buy that are only used on Facebook, WhatsApp, and the likes, this bundle as well is only peculiar for watching football games.

When does the Glo football bundle expire?

The bundle expires at the end of each match day for the week. That’s saying, the bundle expires on Sunday.


For all football lovers like me, let’s make the most out of this offer. Enjoy and don’t forget to share.

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