Glo opera mini new free browsing cheat 2022

Glo opera free browsing cheat is here again in 2022. You can now get unlimited MB cheat to download and surf the internet for free on your Glo line.

The most interesting part of this cheat is that it works on Android and PC devices when connected.If you’re a frequent visitor of this site then you should be familiar with how you can share VPN hotspot to PC.

Note that this Glo opera mini cheat is not unlimited but it can be accumulated as you like.

Requirements for Glo opera free browsing

  1. Your Glo sim
  2. N100 airtime
  3. Updated Ha Tunnel VPN
  4. The cheat file

The Glo Opera mini data bundle is available to all Glo subscribers as long as you have a registered and activated SIM card.So, to be activate this cheat, all you have to do is buy a globacom sim, register and activate it, insert it in your phone and proceed to how to activate the opera cheat.

How to Activate Glo Opera Mini Cheat

To activate the Glo opera mini plan, first of all you will need to buy the cheap data bundles.

  • Dial *777#
  • Select data plan
  • Choose Social Bundle
  • Finally Select Opera Bundles
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These breakdown of the list of available Glo Opera mini data plans is as follows;

  • 50MB for N25 (1 day)
  • 100MB for N50 (7 days)
  • 300MB for N100 (30 days)

Buy any opera plan of your choice. Then you are don with the first requirement.

Settings for Glo opera mini cheat using Ha Tunnel

Glo opera mini bundle are designed to give you maximum browsing without spending large amounts of naira on mobile data. It can only be used on opera mini app, but after this settings you will be able to use it on all your apps and website.

1) Download and install Ha Tunnel VPN from play store. Download here

2) Download the Glo opera cheat file.

  • Download from our telegram channel
  • Download from external link

3) Open Ha Tunnel and import the file you have downloaded.

4) Select any server of your choice and click on start. Wait for it to connect. Once connected you can now minimize and enjoy your free data.

How to Accumulate Glo Opera cheat 2022

To accumulate this glo opera mini cheat on your sim and browse and download for as much as you want, you do not have to wait for the validity period to elapse.

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Just repeat the procedure above and continue subscribing until you get to your taste then connect with the VPN and enjoy.

You can accumulate this Glo Opera mini data for as much as 1.2GB for just N300 or even more.

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