Glo Super Mega Data Plan (1TB for 1 Year)

Glo mega data is one of the out standing data plan in glo that has high validity.

Glo Mega Data Plans are high end plans for customers who have the need for higher data benefits with higher validity.

This is for customers who need higher data with longer validity.

The new proposed Mega data plans starts from 225GB and goes all the way to 1TB. Because of the validity there wont be any night data bonus just like the once you buy monthly.

Bellow is the list of the data plan and code with the validity.

CodeValidityGlo Mega Plan
 *127*64#30 days225GB
 *127*65#30 days300GB
 *127*66#90 days425GB
 *127*67#120 days525GB
 *127*68#120 days675GB
 *127*69#1 year1TB (1024GB)
Glo Mega PlanPrice List (N)
1TB (1024GB)100,000

These plans can be purchased/used by any existing or new GLO customer and can be anto renewed.

Can these plans be shared?

Yes, these plans are shareable.

Will these plans work on modems, routers and mobile routers?

Yes, these plans will work on any compatible device.

Can I stack these data plan? Subscribe multiple times?
Yes, these plans work like any other HSI plans and have all the HSI features

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How do I check my Glo Data Plan balance?
You will be able to check your data bundle balance via the following channels:
SMS: info to 127
USSD: Dialling *777# or *127*0#

Is there any other plan lower than this?


Other Glo Plans

2GB5002 Days *127*36# 
1.9GB + 1GB night1,00030 Days  *127*53#
3.5GB + 600MB night1,50030 Days *127*16#
7GB1,5007 Days *127*24#
5.2GB + 600MB night2,00030 Days  *127*55#
6.8GB + 900MB night2,50030 Days  *127*58#
9GB +1GB night3,00030 Days  *127*54# 
12.25GB+1GB night4,00030 Days  *127*59# 
17GB+1.25GB night5, 00030 Days *127*2#
12GB (8PM -9PM Daily)
5,00030 Days*127*7#
12GB (100Hrs)6,00030 Days*127*5#
12GB (8PM – 9PM)
6,00030 Days*127*6# 
27.5GB+2GB night8,00030 Days*127*1#
46GB+4GB night10,00030 Days *127*11#
12GB (300ahrs)N1500030 Days*127*4#
86GB+7GB night15,00030 Days *127*12#
109GB+10GB nightN18,00030 Days *127*13#
126GB+12GB nightN20,00030 Days *127*33#
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