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God of War: Ghost of Sparta PPSSPP ISO Download (Highly Compressed)Chain Of Olympus

God of War PPSSPP games is surely among the most popular action-adventure games on PSP when considering the massive interest from the gaming community. While we await the presence of the latest version of God of War (G.O.W) on video game consoles, the God of War game is still a favourite to play on various platforms including the PlayStation Portable. Especially for the God of War PPSSPP game (highly compressed ISO file download), Ready at Dawn is the developer for the two series with SCEA as the main publisher.

The popularity of the God of War game continues to grow day by day, even in 2022 there is already a new series for this game, namely God of War: Ragnarok which is unfortunately only available for the PlayStation 4 & 5 version.

Game Modes

  • Mortal ( easy ) – for the beginners who are just getting started with this immense combat fighting game
  • Hero ( normal ) – for those are a little Experienced with the battles and are Ready to face more challenges.
  • Spartan ( Hard ) – Kratos is an spartan warrior. If you are controlling kratos then be hard enough to beat the enemies in hard level.
  • God ( Very Hard ) – for those who are experts and in other words we can say God of fighting in this game.


  1. Customized Graphics:- if you are facing any lag problem due to anything, then there is an opportunity to fix it. You can make game run faster by reducing its resolution and graphics looks. The game would still possess a highly quality gameplay because of it’s amazing features.
  2. Cinematic Camera:- The cinematic camera is angle mode is available in this game. You can play the game in a way that looks as if you are watching a movie scene, very dynamic and breath taking.
  3. 3D graphics – the gameplay uses three dimensional gameplay, you can move anywhere you want just like in the real world.

Download PPSSPP Emulator

Download zArchiver APK


How to Download God of war 1 PPSSPP ANDROID

  • Although everyone now has a PPSSPP gold or PSP/PS2 Emulator already installed but if you haven’t then simply download it. ( Link below )
  • Now download the Zip highly compressed file of God of war 1 in 200MB.
  • Extract the iso file out. ISO is more than 1GB in size.
  • Now open PS2/PSP Emulator and find the iso, click on it and start playing
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