GTA Vice City APK OBB Download For Android | Free Download

GTA Vice City APK OBB Download For Android | Free Download

GTA Vice City is also available on Android, and it is a competent port of the PC version.

The depth of this game is unparalleled; there are hordes of side quests and missions and cool little easter eggs. You need to follow the main story in order to open up the whole city and gain access to property acquisition, but you can still spend hours just wandering around getting into trouble.

The game is still considered one of the best in the franchise, and Rockstar eventually released a version of the game on Android. Making it the perfect game for a daily commute or travel.

GTA Vice City is set in Vice City, Florida, in 1986, and concerns the exploits of protagonist Tommy Vercetti as he rises to become Vice City’s major criminal power. The game’s events follow on from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Short Story line of GTA Vice City

After spending fifteen years in prison for a mafia bust in the 1970’s, Tommy Vercetti has returned to work for Sonny Forelli, the mob boss that cost him his original jail sentence.

He arrives in Vice City and is targeted for a setup that leads to the loss of Forelli’s drug money, and Forelli demands that Tommy get him the money back.

Vice City is a land of corrupt police, adulterous politicians, unrighteous religious leaders, and a bitter population controlled by murderous gangs and mafia lords. With everyone gunning for Tommy, his only chance for survival is to fight back.

Armed with an attorney and a group of allies, Tommy sets out to defeat Vice City through real estate, gang wars, and anti-mafia mayhem.

How to Start Playing GTA Vice City on your Android

  1. Download and install the APK on your Android
  2. Download the zip OBB file and extract it
  3. After extracting the OBB file copy the file to Android > OBB and then past it
  4. After that lunch the APK and enjoy your game.
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📥 APK: 7MB

How to Download GTA Vice City on your Android phone

Download the APK and the obb file

📥 APK: 7MB Download Here
📥 MOD APK: 8MB Download Here
📥 OBB FILL: 995MB Download Here

You can also use the video below as a guide to set it up

Video On How To Set Up GTA Vise City

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