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How to Activate and Use Glo 10GB & 5GB for just N1000 & N500 Respectively

How to Activate and Use Glo 10GB & 5GB for N1000 & N500 Respectively

Glo is here again with another amazing data offer for there users, this is the cheapest and most reliable glo Data offer on the internet now. If you have been searching for: Glo cheapest data plan, glo Data Bundle to use, glo special data plan, glo Data plan codes, you are definitely at the right place. If you are a type that likes to always stay connected to the internet this data plan is mainly for you.

There is no doubt that the grand masters of data (Glo) is the only network in Nigeria that offers affordable and amazing data plan for there customer, though in some areas the glo network tends to be slow, but it can be fixed by changing your glo APN settings to the latest Fast APN settings for 2023. After settings your APN your glo network will be faster.

The most amazing thing about this glo Data plan bundle is that all glo sim is eligible for this offer, it’s not limited to some glo sim, as far as you have a glo sim and follow the other instructions I will be showing you today, you will be able to Activate this plan successfully.

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Now, in order to make the most of this amazing limitless glo plan, I want you to carefully follow the instructions. You will receive the most recent steps needed, which will enable you to activate the glo 10GB and 5GB offer on your smartphone to surf the internet.

Lemme quickly highlight a few requirements that will be needed to activate this plan;

Requirements for Glo 10GB & 5GB offer

  • Glo Sim Card
  • Good network connection
  • Glo Cafe App
  • Your Smartphone
  • VPN App Download here
  • Airtime (N1000/N500)

How To Activate Glo 10GB for N1000

Before you can activate this Glo Data plan you need N1000 or N500 Airtime on your glo Sim. Then download the Glo Cafe mobile app from here.

After Downloading the glo app click on product and select Data service, then select social bundles.

Make sure to select one Off plan and scroll down to the last option to see the plan.

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The plan is a YouTube Bundle that will give you a whopping data of 5GB for N500 and 10GB for N1000.

How To Activate Glo 5GB for N500

following same procedure as above make sure you select one Off plan. Then scroll down to the last option and select the YouTube offer for 5GB for N500.

The Glo YouTube plan offers you more data at a very cheap rate, imaging Getting 10GB for just N1000, the plan can only work for YouTube, but I will be showing you how you can make it work on all apps and website and you can equally use it to stream videos online and download.

How To Tunnel Glo 10GB & 5GB to work for all Apps and Site

To make the glo 10GB and 5GB plan work on all apps and website you need a regular VPN application that you may know called Potato VPN, sounds funny right? But there is a VPN app with such name.

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Download Potato VPN Mod App Here (Ad Free)


After downloading the VPN, make sure that you have subscribed to the glo offer using the glo Cafe app.

Then open the VPN App make sure the home screen looks same as the image below.

Then tap on the potatoes icon at the center and with for it to connect.

After that you can minimize the app and start surfing the internet.


To Activate this glo Data plan, you just need a minimum of N500 to get a whopping data of 5GB, the exciting side is that you can accumulate this data as much as you can. Hope this article is helpful to you join our telegram and WhatsApp group below for more updates.

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