How To Be Eligible For MTN N200 For 1GB And N1000 For 4GB

MTN welcome back data plan is not entirely a new thing. Is one of the blazing cheap plan on MTN now. But I can say it just became a whole lot special with the data bonus inclusion now.

However, the MTN Welcome Back Offer is now giving a 300% bonus on the first recharge in a month, and enjoy special data bundles for 3 months! I know you will like to understand how the new MTN welcome back special data plan works and who is eligible.

MTN Welcome Back Special Data Plans allows you to purchase 4GB, 1GB, and 250MB data at N1,000, N200 and N100 respectively. This is one of the best offers that the telecom company has offered us.


MTN has made it know that all Customers that have not done any data activity within 60 โ€“ 180 days will be able to purchase special data bundles that have been designed for them.

The welcome back data is an offer that rewards customers that have spent 30 โ€“ 180 days on the network without performing any chargeable activity with a 300% bonus on ALL recharges.

How to check if you’re eligible for the MTN N200 for 1Gb Welcome back data plan

Before you can Subscribe for the plan you have to check your eligibility status.To check your eligibility status follow this.

  1. Dial *131*65*2#
  2. Then trying buying the data plan if you receive a message that you don’t have sufficient airtime to purchase this plan. Then that means you are eligible for the plan.


1) Leave your MTN sim for one complete month without using it for anything, no calls, no internet, just keep it. After the one month just dial *131*65#. And choose the data plan you wish to buy.

2)Another way to be eligible is by buying new MTN sim. MTN also offers the welcome back plan to new users in MTN. New MTN users can now enjoy this offer.


For those that are eligible for this offer, you cant accumulate the data, you will have to wait to finish the one that you have before buying another one.
However, you know that the offer is split into 3, which is 4GB, 1GB, and 250MB data. You have the opportunity to subscribe to all of the 3 plans at once. For instance, when you subscribed to the plan of 1GB for N200 and you still wish to subscribe to 4GB data of N1000 before the expire time of your initial 1GB, you have access to do so.


Sharing the welcome back data is limited to a number of data and users you can share to. The minimum data you can share is 50MB and the maximum is 100MB and is limited to about 5 MTN users a day.

All MTN customers that have not made use of their SIM for a period of 1 month or longer will be rewarded with a 300% bonus on their first recharge in a month, and enjoy special data bundles for 3 months.

How to be eligible for MTN #200 for 1GB


Following the above steps, you should be able to subscribe to MTN Welcome back data plan
always and everytime you wish. I hope you are
able to subscribe to the plan easily and don’t
hesitate to ask questions if you have any, or share your experience with the plan on the comment section, I would be glad to hear from you.

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