In the last post I shared, it was about MTN partnering with Opera mini to give 50MB data to all MTN users.

Some people did not even look at it because they are considering 50MB as small data.

It is quite small, But it is daily and nonstopping and some people also considered how opera mini browser makes browsing uncomfortably Especially those using a 2g/3g network.

Today’s post will be on how you can use the 50MB daily without waiting for the next day to be given another one.

With these little settings am about to revile you will be able to enjoy unlimited data in MTN but the only thing there is that is inside the opera mini app you will be enjoying all this.

Just follow the procedures step by step because any small mistake can make it not to work.

How to bypass daily opera mini free 50MB on MTN.

Bypassing the 50MB it means that you can use more than 50MB data in the opera mini app.


โ€ข An android phone
ยฐ MTN sim (preferably 3g/4g for fast internet)
โ€ข Opera mini app download here
ยฐ Then stick to instructions

How to set it up

To enjoy this unlimited data make sure you don’t have any data in your MTN sim.

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After that lunch the opera mini app you have downloaded, Also make sure your data connection is enabled. Then you will receive a pop up message that your browsing session is sponsored by opera mini to tune 50MB data daily, just click ok to accept it.

Then start using it to make sure you browse till the 50MB data finishes.

โ€ข Then go to your phone setting then go to storage, then select internal storage, then finally apps

ยฐ Just select the opera mini app and clear the data and cache

โ€ข If you are through clearing the data

ยฐ Switch off your data connection for some minutes and switch it back on again.

โ€ข Then navigate to the Opera mini browser and immediately it starts working again

ยฐ You will get another message telling you that you have free 50MB data to enjoy for the day.

โ€ข Once installation finishes, enter any web address you wish to access and start browsing again till it finishes.

ยฐ To continue with this unlimited data you have to repeat the same procedure once you finish the 50MB free data.

You can use the comment section below if you have any question.


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