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How To Connect Any VPN TO PC or Mobile

How To Connect Any VPN TO PC or Mobile

Connecting a VPN to PC or sharing it to others using hotspot is very fun especially when the VPN is unlimited. But only the hotspot will not work this time because you are using a VPN. You will need a more advanced method which i will reveal very soon

If you are using the latest Glo unlimited internet especially those using the premium account, you will agree with me that it should be used in a PC device because of its speed.

For you to successfully connect your mobile VPN to any other PC or Android phone you will need an app called Every Proxy. The Evey Proxy is very easy to connect and does not require you to root your device. The Every Proxy should be in the mobile, not the PC. You can download it from here.

Download Every proxy App here
How to Share Android’s VPN Connection via Hotspot (Android to Android)

How To Share Your Mobile VPN To Your Another Android Phone or PC Device.

To connect your Mobile VPN to your android or PC device all you need to do is download the Every Proxy here and install it in your phone.(the phone that has the VPN )

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◾️After installing it you lunch it.

◾️Then to the first page enable the HTTP HTTPS

◾️It will generate a proxy host and port under the HTTP HTTPS

◾️Then on your hotspot

Then to the phone you want to share the VPN to;

◾️Connect to the hotspot.

◾️Then go to to your WiFi settings and tap on the WiFi you are connected to

◾️Then select Modify network


◾️Select advanced options

◾️Then click on proxy and change it to manual

◾️Now for the proxy hostname and proxy port add the IP and Port you were given in the Every Proxy.

◾️After that click save and it will connect. Use
How to Share Android’s VPN Connection via Hotspot (Android to PC)

To the Laptop you what to connect to

◾️Connect to the phone with the VPN via hotspot

◾️Then go to the search bar of the PC you can do that by pressing the window button. Then search for proxy.

Then you use the manual proxy set up there. Input the IP and Port in the Address and port there respectively. that’s all.



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