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How to earn up to N500 – N1000 daily with your Instagram account On InsMe

How to earn up to #500 – #1000 with your Instagram account

Do you know you can make up to #500 – #1000 daily with your Instagram account simply by performing a 5 minutes task daily. In today’s post I will show you how it works.

InsMe is a mobile application tailored for Instagram users.

Instagram has gathered a large number of online celebrities. They need to increase the number of there fans and followers.

So they spend money to hire other ordinary Instagram users to become their fans and followers.

Thus InsMe was born. It’s appearance connects Instagram online celebrities with ordinary Instagram users

Instagrams online celebrities pay commission to InsMe . InsMe becomes there fan and followers.

Finally InsMe official distribute the commission to each InsMe user.

How InsMe works

In InsMe you get paid when you like pictures. But the advantages of this one; you don’t have to comment or follow anybody. You only likes pictures and get paid.

To join this plateform is free and the free package is valid for 10days and you can only complete two missions in the free mode.

How to register on InsMe

Register here and download the required app
Note: you can create a new Instagram account for it.

How Earn From INSME

1) After registration, download the app and login


2) Click on mission to see the list of missions available.

3) Select Receive

4) Then go to Record

5) You will see mission link. Click on open video link

6) Then login with your IG account or you create new account.

7) After completing the mission, then screenshot. Go back and click on Add screenshot

8) Upload the screenshot and select Submit

9) You can complete 2- 4 missions daily. After 30 – 60 mins you will be credited.

10) Minimum withdrawal is #200

How to make withdrawal from INSME

1) Click on Me then personal info

2) Select bank info and complete it then you submit

3) Click on encrypted wallet then Select withdraw.

4) Enter the withdrawal amount and security password.


5) Minimum withdrawal #200

6) Completed

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