How To Retrieve Hacked Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the top trending social media platform were Billions of people from different part of the world use for different purposes. Some of the purpose includes business management, company management and so on.

if your facebook account has been hacked, don’t panic just follow this steps to recover it immediately.


  1. Just go to your browser and type this link []
    click on my account has been compromised

facebook will now help you to search for related account.
Using your email that you used in the hacked account can make it more faster so is advisable to use it.

2. After that input your information there e-mail, phone number, full name and address and click on search.

  • Enter your current password that you are using in the hacked account and click continue.
  • Then select a valid reason why you think your account is hacked.
    1) I saw a post, message, or event on my account that I didn’t create
    2) Someone else got into my account without my permission
    3) I found an account which uses my name or photos
    4) People can see things on my account that I thought were private
    5) I don’t see the right option on this list
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  • After selecting you click continue. After that it will give you option to put new password.
  • Then your account is now recovered.


if the hacker changed your password:

This is the most common case of recovering hacked Facebook account where the password has been changed but your Facebook account still has your associated email address or mobile number.

1) Go to facebook forget password option.

2) Enter your email or mobile number or you can also put your phone number in the search box and click search.

3) You should see your profile with recovery email address and phone number. Select mobile number or email address that you can access at that time and click continue.

4) That is all set your new password and start enjoying your facebook again.

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