How To Send Free SMS On MTN (Two working ways)

Running out of airtime is normal to everybody, the worst part is that you may not be able to recharge at the moment.

Yes, it happens, I am even a victim. It’s really funny and I wish I never spent my precious money on airtime just to send SMS on MTN. But I won’t have to worry right? It was all about being unaware.

You are the luckiest person to be here because in a very short time; I will be showing you how to send SMS for free on MTN as at now.

Sending free message in MTN is in two ways in which you can choose anyone you want the first one method is using the USSD code (*133#) and the second one is by using my MTN app.


METHOD 1of 2

Using this first method you will be limited to the message you want to send because you will have to choose between “call me back” or “send me credit”

➡️ Open your dialer app

➡️ Then input *133#

➡️ After that, you input the number you want to send a message to.

➡️ After that you choose the message to send

➡️ Then click send
➡️ Then the person will receive the message.

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METHOD 2 of 2
Using this second method will enable you to write your own message as long as you want it to be and send it. To be able to use this method download my MTN app from the play store.

➡️ Open the MTN app
➡️ Then go to the right at the bottom and click on more.

➡️ The select offer & promotion

➡️ Choose to send a free message.

➡️ Here you can now put the receiver’s number and type the message you want to send.


1) Is this free SMS totally free?
Yes. It doesn’t require any airtime.

2) Will the message take time before the person will receive it?
No, it doesn’t take time

3) Can I send a message to a number that is not an MTN number?
No, it works for only MTN numbers.

4) The free SMS is it limited to a number of messages i can send?
It is limited to send 5 times or less.

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