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How To Successfully Withdraw Your FCMB Money

If you have have not registered with FCMB do that now and get your free welcome bonus of #1000 here.

Without wasting much time just follow this procedure to successfully withdraw the money.


  1. First dial *329# on the registered phone number you used
  2. Then you will be asked to create a 4 digit PIN.
  3. After creating the PIN your daily limit will now change from 0.00 to 20,000 daily.
  4. You will need to transfer the money to another bank. Without this you can’t withdraw the money
  5. To transfer the money dial *329# then you select 3 to transfer to other bank.

6. Select 1 for Account to Account transfer.

7. Note that you can’t withdraw all the #1000 there. Just put #970 in the ammout.

8. Proceed to enter your account number.

9. Finally select the bank you want to transfer the money to and enter the PIN you created initially.

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