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How to Withdraw Notcoin to Your Bank Account in Nigeria.

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How to Withdraw Notcoin to Your Bank Account in Nigeria.

Originally, NOT started out as a viral Telegram game that was designed to onboard users into the realm of Web3 on the TON blockchain.

Notcoin has grown into a viral cryptocurrency, with nearly 7 million Telegram group members and 2 million followers on X (formerly Twitter).

The project has an interesting approach in that its official website simply invites participants to join their Telegram community while providing links to their social media accounts and whitepaper.

The “tap-to-earn” mining mechanic has been implemented in the project, making NOT tokens a popular community currency. Users can obtain the tokens by discovering Web3 products, participating in games, and adding value to the ecosystem. Web3 developers can use Notcoin campaigns to present their products to the community.

Back in May, the team provided an update regarding the development of Notcoin Explore. Alongside the game’s beta edition, the feature also introduces a more sophisticated aspect to the project. By doing so, Notcoin Explore enables users to adventure into untraversed territories of Web3 and collect NOT as a reward.

How to Withdraw Notcoin to Your Bank Account

Notcoin launched on May 16th, 2024, and many of our members who followed the coin as of the time we posted it on our Telegram Channel cashed out massively. For those who have withdrawn to the Telegram wallet, I will be showing you how to withdraw to your local bank successfully, Without wasting time, let’s start.

If you have withdrawn with Telegram and it is successful, it should look like the image above.

To access your telegram wallet, click on the three Lines at the top left corner

Then select Wallet.


You will see your available balance on the next page. Before you can withdraw, you need to convert to USDT, which I will be showing you how to do.

To convert your Notcoin to USDT, click on Exchange.

Then select NOT, and you can now input the amount of Notcoin you wish to convert to USDT.

Once you input it, the USDT equivalent will show under it. Then you can click Review Order to proceed.

You will also need to confirm the order by clicking Confirm and Exchange.

Booom, your exchange has been completed. You can now send to any external wallet of your choice, like Binance, TrustWallet, and others.

To send to an external wallet, select send, choose the external wallet you wish to send to, and complete the process. From there, you can send to any vendor and withdraw to your local bank account. If you wish to exchange with us, you can message the admin Here

In conclusion, if you missed out on Notcoin, don’t worry; there are many other coins just like Notcoin that you can start up, with. Join our Telegram channel for more tips on making money online.

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