MTN 500MB Daily Cheat Plus By Pass Method 2021 update

MTN free daily 500MB cheat code for 2021 free browsing cheat to browse on all website and apps, this cheat has been available for almost a month though we have not posted it due to some reasons.
Read the full article and follow the settings on this article to learn how it works and how to activate it.

The MTN 500MB is based on the E-lerning free data being offered to MTN users. Below are some Requirements needed.

Requirements for MTN 500MB daily

1) Your MTN Sim with 0.0kb data
2) Yours smartphone (Android)
3) Good network coverage ( 3g/4g)
4) A VPN app ( 24 Clan VPN) download here

After providing all this requirement, then you are good to go.

How to set up MTN 500mb cheat

  1. Download and install the VPN on your Android phone

2) Open the VPN app and wait for it to automatically update

3) You will see a pop up Message of the update, Then click on Apply and Restart.

4) Then click on auto start and select MTN 500MB (server)

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Also click on direct SSH and select MTN 500MB (tweak)

5) After that switch to your MTN Sim and tap on the red logo at the top to connect.

6) While connected you will receive an sms that you have been credited with 500mb

You can now minimize your VPN and start enjoying.

How to by pass MTN 500MB and use more data

The MTN E-lerning data is 500MB daily on every MTN sim. For you to by pass the 500MB you will need to get as many MTN sim as possible to continue enjoying the offer.

How to connect MTN 500MB cheat to PC

To be able to use the MTN 500MB e learning on your PC, you will need to read this detail guide line on How To Share Your Phone VPN Connection To PC, this method works well, so check it out.


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