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MTN Biz Plus (MSME) Data Plan: Get 2GB for N200

MTN Biz Plus (MSME) Data Plan: Get 2GB for N200

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MTN Nigeria offers a wide range of tariff plans, catering to both personal and business needs. Among these plans, MTN Biz Plus, MTN Biz Class, and MTN SME Plus Plan stand out as exceptional options. These tariff plans are specifically designed to meet the requirements of businesses and are predominantly utilized by entrepreneurs, both male and female.

In this article, I’ll be showing you everything you need to know about the MTN Biz Plus, the benefits you stand to gain on this plan, and how to migrate to the MTN Biz Plus. Therefore, make sure you stay glued to this page, and follow the instructions contained in it to enjoy this amazing plan from MTN Nigeria.

What is MTN Biz Plus?

MTN Biz Plus is a prepaid service that offers affordable on-net GSM voice, data, and SMS bundles, specifically designed for SMEs. To access these benefits, customers need to switch from their current tariff plans to the Biz Plus service, allowing them to enjoy additional discounts on various bundle options.

You can migrate to their existing numbers to the Biz Plus service by dialing *460# or text 460 to 131. The BizPlus bundle proposition is a mix of Voice, SMS, Data and ICT attributes. The MTN BIZ Plus tariff pricing provides daily regressive pricing for national voice calls. 

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MTN Biz Plus 2GB Data offer

what we are interested in is the MTN Biz Plus 2GB for N200. Recognizing this need, MTN, one of Nigeria’s leading telecommunications providers, has introduced the MTN Biz Plus Data Plan, offering an incredible 2GB of data for just N200. This groundbreaking data plan aims to empower Nigerian MSMEs by providing affordable and high-speed internet access to fuel their businesses and unlock new opportunities. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of this innovative offering and how to activate this plan.

Benefits of MTN Biz Plus Data plan

  • Affordability and Cost-Effectiveness: One of the key advantages of the MTN Biz Plus Data Plan is its affordability. For just N200, MSMEs can access a generous 2GB of data, enabling them to stay connected, communicate effectively, and carry out various online activities critical to their operations. Compared to other data plans in the market, this offering provides exceptional value for money, allowing businesses to stretch their budgets and allocate resources to other crucial areas.
  • Reliable High-Speed Connectivity: MTN is renowned for its robust network infrastructure, ensuring reliable and fast internet connectivity across the country. With the Biz Plus Data Plan, MSMEs can experience uninterrupted browsing, seamless file downloads, smooth video conferencing, and efficient data transfers. This reliable high-speed connectivity is essential for MSMEs to maintain productivity, engage with customers, and tap into online marketplaces to expand their reach.
  • Tailored Data Solutions: MTN understands that different MSMEs have unique data requirements. To cater to diverse business needs, the Biz Plus Data Plan provides the flexibility of daily, weekly, or monthly subscription options. This customization allows businesses to select the most suitable plan based on their data usage patterns and operational demands. Whether it’s a short-term project or a long-term business operation, MSMEs can tailor their data plans accordingly, optimizing efficiency and minimizing costs.
  • Data Rollover and Sharing: Another notable feature of the MTN Biz Plus Data Plan is its data rollover and sharing capabilities. MSMEs can carry forward unused data from their previous subscription, ensuring that no data allocation goes to waste. Additionally, the plan allows for data sharing among multiple devices, making it convenient for businesses with multiple employees or those using various devices simultaneously. This flexibility empowers MSMEs to manage their data effectively and allocate resources where they are needed the most.
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How to Activate the MTN Biz Plus Data Plan

Activating the MTN Biz Plus Data Plan is simple and user-friendly.

  • To activate the data bundle, ensure you have up to 200 naira on your MTN line. There is no eligibility criteria, so it’s open to everyone.
  • Dial *460*600# and then proceed to subscribe to the data plan. 200 naira will be deducted from your airtime balance and you will be credited with 2gb data.
  • That’s all it takes to subscribe for the 2gb for N200 MSME Data plan on MTN.

Once you have subscribed to the MTN Biz Plus Data Plan, the next crucial step is to ensure smooth browsing across all websites and applications. To help you make the most of your data plan, let’s explore the necessary requirements and preparations you need to consider.

Requirements to Power All Apps with MTN MSME Data Plan

  2. HA TUNNEL PLUS VPN APP. Download here
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Mtn Biz Plus Hat Configure File (Ha Tunnel VPN)

Download the ha tunnel configure file and import it on your Ha Tunnel VPN App. Then you can connect and enjoy your data.


The introduction of the MTN Biz Plus Data Plan marks a significant milestone in supporting the growth and success of Nigerian MSMEs. By offering 2GB of data for just N200, MTN is empowering businesses with affordable, reliable, and high-speed internet connectivity. This data plan, coupled with its flexibility, data rollover, and sharing capabilities, enables MSMEs to maximize their efficiency, productivity, and online presence.

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