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MTN Free YouTube Streaming For Independence (#50/60), 2020

MTN Free YouTube Streaming For Independence (#50/60), 2020

Hello fams it’s another independent day 1st October 2020.

1st October 1960 marks the day of proclamation of Nigerian from the British, for this reason Nigerian celebrate it’s Independence on 1st October every year.

MTN has decided to take part in this celebration by introduce YouTube free streaming for a token of #50 for 1hr (60 mins)

You be imagining the meaning of (50/60). It means

First: (#50/60) means #50 for Youtube Streaming for 60 minutes.

Second: (#50/60) means #50 for Nigerian being 60 yrs of Independence

How To Activate The MTN Free YouTube Steaming.

1) You need a token of #50 or more in your airtime balance

2) follow the video Procedure below for the full set up
Happy Independence

Limited offer!
Activate Now 😋

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