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MTN hourly Special Code 2023 | Activation Code for 10GB,5GB,2GB

MTN hourly Special Code 2023 | Activation Code

The MTN Hourly bundles offer cheap and cost-effective data plans based on time duration, ensuring a high-quality internet experience and unrestricted access to a wide range of online services while providing enhanced value for your money.

I’ve noticed many internet users asking questions recently. Everyone is looking for a solution to their browsing needs, and they strongly believe that the MTN hourly data plan code can solve all their internet problems. So, is the MTN hourly plan the solution to this problem? Well, keep scrolling to find out below…

FAQ about MTN Hourly (Simple Surf)

MTN has launched a new data package called the MTN HOURLY bundle, which offers improved deals for browsing the internet.

Here’s how the MTN hourly plan functions:

It’s like visiting a cyber cafe, where you can request a specific amount of browsing time. The administrator or representative will provide you with a login code that matches the exact duration you paid for.


In this case, the number of hours you receive is based on the actual time you spend surfing online. You don’t need to use an MTN data plan code for this.

If you’re not connected to the internet, the HOURLY plan won’t be active. Additionally, there’s a specific period during which you won’t be able to access the internet.

Let’s say I purchase the 2-hour MTN hourly plan with a validity of two (2) days. I can decide to start browsing tomorrow and stay online for 2 hours.

I might choose to browse for 1 hour in the morning and save the remaining 1 hour for later. However, if I don’t use the allocated access within 2 days, the connection will be disconnected, and I won’t have internet access anymore.

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MTN hourly Special Code & How to activate

That’s just it. Select your preferred HOURLY plan from the list:

  • Get 2GB hourly data plan for N200. Dial *312*1*10# select 1.
  • Get 5GB hourly data plan for N500. Dial *312*1*10# select 2.
  • Get 10GB hourly data plan for N1000. Dial *312*1*10# select 3.


Features MTN Hourly plan

  • You can browse with your budget at heart.
  • No worries about spending more than you expected.
  • Good internet speed for browsing.
  • Get unlimited internet connection for the exact time you paid for.

If you are looking for an affordable, reliable, and convenient way to access the internet, then MTN Hourly bundles are a great option.

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