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MTN Increase Data Gifiting Limit To 500MB Per Day

MTN Gift Data service allows you to transfer data from your active data balance to your friends, buy data for friends, and request data from your friends. In essence, you can use the service to send and buy data bundles for your other smart phones, modems and tablets.

All customers on the MTN network can access the Data Gifting service

You can now gift a maximum of 500MB data to any MTN customer and have the liberty to gift people two times every day. 

How to Gift MTN Data

You can access the service by dialing *131*7*1# on your phone they you input the beneficiary’s phone number.

You can also login to my MTN app to gift data which is easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will I require a PIN to use the MTN’s Gift Data service?

No. You only need to enter your beneficiary’s phone number and choose a data plan to use the service.

2) What amount of data can I transfer at a time?

The amount of data you can transfer at a time are 50MB,100MB, 200MB and 500MB However, you must ensure you have at least 50MB in your data balance after every transfer for your transfer to be successful.

3) How many times can I transfer data in a day?

The maximum number of times you can transfer is twice daily. However, the cumulative amount you can transfer at a given time and in a day is 500MB.

4) Will I be charged an additional cost for using the MTN’s Gift Data service?

No! You will only be charged the price of the data plan if you are buying for a friend.


5) How do I check the balance of my gifted bundle?

You will be able to check your data bundle balance  via the following channels:

• SMS: Texting 2 to 131

• USSD: dialing *131*4#

• myMTN App

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