MTN Online Zigi Chatbot: How To Chat And Get Free 1GB Daily On MTN Zigi

With MTN zigi chatbot you will stand a chance to win free MTN 1GB data just by chatting with the newly introduced MTN chatbot called MTN zigi.

MTN zigi chatbot is a new personal assistance introduced by MTN which will save you from the stress and delay of waiting for a customer care representative to attend to you whenever you called to make an enquiry or to lay complaint.

In Today’s post I have decided to publish this complete detailed guide about MTN Zigi, in a bid to reveal all you need to know about the bot and especially, how to get free 1GB data via the bot. The bot have an option that will allow you to get free 1GB worth of data on a daily basis or even hourly in some cases.

About MTN zigi

Zigi is MTNโ€™s all new digital personal assistant that can answer questions, assist customers with products/services activations.

The bot is configured to attend to customers with the use of English language and as a result of this, you can only chat with Zigi using English language and you can only have access to Zigi with your MTN sim card.

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Zigi is always available to assist all MTN customers at any time of the day and you are free to contact the bot whenever you need to make any enquiry or run into any issue with your MTN line. All you need to chat with the MTN Zigi chatbot is internet connection and a WhatsApp or messenger or telegram account.

How MTN Zigi chatbot Works

As stated above in the guide, Zigi is a chatbot and a personal assistant, all you have to do is to access the bot using the link and medium that will be provided below. Once you are connected to the bot, you will see options menus and you can reply with the appropriate response to select the menu of your choice.

How To Get Connected With MTN ZIGI CHATBOT

MTN Zigi Chatbot can be accessed via Social Media Networks, which includes Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook. Without wasting time let’s look at how to reach MTN Zigi on each of this Social Platforms.

Connect To MTN CHATBOT Via Telegram

To contact MTN Zigi chatbot via WhatsApp for any assistant, simply message the chatbot over WhatsApp at

Connect To MTN CHATBOT Via Telegram

To communicate with the MTN Zigi via Telegram, use the link and send a message to :

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Once you’ve arrived to the Telegram bot, press the start button and enter your MTN number. You’ll
see the terms and conditions, click the accept button, and an OTP will be sent to the MTN number
you provided. Send the OTP to the bot, and you’ll be taken to the chat menu.

Connect To MTN CHATBOT Via Telegram

To use the MTN Zigi chatbot on Facebook Messenger, go to and click the
get started button.

Enter your preferred MTN phone number after clicking the get started button, and an OTP will be
sent to the number immediately. Enter the OTP to proceed to the MTN Zigi Facebook messenger
chatbot menu. You can chat as a guest if you don’t want to go through the OTP process.

How To Get Free 1GB Daily Using The MTN CHATBOT

I know this is the main reason you are here, i will be showing you how you can get free 1GB using the MTN CHATBOT

  1. To Ge this free 1GB send a message (i.e hello) to the MTN CHATBOT via Telegram or WhatsApp.( or Click accept to accept its terms and conditions, and scroll down the chat menu if it’s your first time conversing with Zigi.
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2. Next, there is a button that states “Zigi daily free 1GB data.” To select zoom trivia, click it. You will be given a link to click on, and you will be routed to the trivia menu. As seen in the image below, click on get started.

3. You will beprovided with a link click on the link and start anwering the questions as quickly as possible, you will be given 1:30 minutes to complete the questions, you will be rewareded with a whooping of 1GB of data for free whe you answeer correctly 100% and you can alwys return in the next session

Note: If you don’t get all of the questions right the first time, you can try again in an hour and perhaps
get them all right this time. Note that if the timer reaches zero and you haven’t answered all of the
questions, you will be automatically disqualified, though you will be able to try again in 1 hour.

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