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MTN Welcome Back Offer 1GB, 2GB, 4GB Data Code

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MTN welcome back offer is still working perfectly, since MTN changed there code from 131 to 312 many people where confused with the new code and how to get about it with the welcome back offer. I will be sharing with you today the MTN welcome back offer activation code which gives you more data at affordable rate.

MTN Welcome Back is an Offer to welcome MTN customers that have been away or inactive on the network for a while. On MTN welcome offer, you get a data bonus and voice bonus of up to 12 times the value of what you recharged for recharges between N50 to N1500.

As we all know, the welcome back offer is available to only customers who have been away or have not performed any form of chargeable activities on the network for at least 15 days. Chargeable activities include anything that requires airtime or data charged from your account, such as calls, SMS, browsing, etc.

Welcome back Offer Benefits

Eligible customers will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

If you recharge between N50 to N1500 using code *161*<PIN>#, you will get 12 times the recharge value plus data bonus.

A. If you recharge between N50 to N1500 using code *161*<PIN>#, you will get 12 times your recharge plus data bonus.

For example, if you load a N200 physical recharge pin using *161*PIN#, you would get N1800 to call all local networks and N600 for data.

Requirement for ,MTN Welcome Back Offer

Also, customers that have not used data on the network for at least 60 days also qualify for the MTN welcome back offer. To enjoy the MTN welcome back offer, you must be a customer that has been on the network for at least 60 days.

MTN Welcome Back Data Activation Code

If you are eligible for the MTN Welcome Back offer, you can purchase special data bundles. To activate the MTN welcome Back Data, dial the MTN welcome back data code *312*65# and choose the preferred bundle from the options.

To activate the MTN welcome back special data plan of 1GB at N200, valid for 7 days, please text WBD2 to 312. To activate the MTN welcome back special data plan of 2GB at N500, valid for 14 days, text WBD4 to 312.

  • *312*65*2# for 1GB
  • *312*65*3# for 4GB
  • *312*65*4# for 2GB

You can also purchase the MTN welcome back special discounted data bundles by sending an SMS of the bundle code to 131. The table below shows a list of the special discounted data bundles and their activation codes.

Dial the welcome back balance code *151# to check your data balance.

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