MTN Zigi Free Data – Answer 5 Questions and get free 1GB daily

This is the latest MTN Zigi 1GB free data which is officially from MTN Nigeria. It’s been on for a while now but later stop and it’s now back again.

MTN Zigi is an online Telegram AI bot that serves as a personal assistant for all your basic Account information on MTN. It also came with some quiz games that rewards you with free 1Gb data upon completion of the questions within a stipulated time.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of getting your free 1GB data from MTN Zigi Telegram bot. So let’s go straight to the point right away.


Yeah! You can accumulate the data every 1 hour. Meaning, you can come back to answer more Triva questions and stand a chance of getting 1GB free data from MTN.The free data is valid for 7 days. Upon completion of the questions, your data will arrive within 2hrs to 5hrs.

  1. So here’s the steps to follow;First of all, search for Zigi – MTN Chatbot on telegram or click here
  2. Or you can use the website to access Zigi chat bot click here
  3. Enter your MTN Phone number and send.
  4. Input the OTP sent to your phone number and send
  5. Click on Zigi Daily Freebies
  6. Click on Zoom Triva (Win 1gb free)Click on the Link and open in a browser, then answer all 10 questions asked correctly. (They are easy questions). To get the question
    s correctly please read and study the Questions and Answers below first so you won’t make any mistakes
  7. Once you answer all questions correctly, you will be rewarded with 1gb of data free
    You can try every 1 hour if you fail or win any round. That’s the accumulation process.

MTN Zigi Frequently asked questions and answers

1) Q: Which of d following is not an option in Play services

*Answer: Writing*

2) 2face used to be part of which musical group:

*Answer: Plantation Boys*

3) Under play services in Zigi, other services include:

*Answer: All of the above*

4) Which of the following is a Lottery Service on Zigi:

*Answer: P10*

5) The guest User menu on zigi includes the following except:

*Answer: MTN4ME*

6)R&B stands for

*Answer: Rhythm and Blues*

7)Which of this is not a bridge in Lagos state *Answer: Ikeja bridge*

8)Who is Karl toriola

*Answer: MTN CEO*

9)Who is the former governor of Lagos state *Answer: Akinwunmi Ambode*

10) Which of theses is a main menu option on zigi*

Answer: NIN services*

11) How many channels can you reach zigi?*Answer: 5*

12) When is zigi birth month?

*Answer: October*

13) when did MTN start operating in Nigeria?*Answer: 2001*

14) zigi’s icon has the following except? *Answer: Hands*

15)the following are Zoom lottery categories except:

*Answers: Cards*

16) There are how many categories under Zoom lottery?

*Answers: 5*

17) Covid 19 lockdown in Nigeria started when? *Answers: Mar-20*

18) MTN anniversary is on which day? *Answers: August 8th*

19)which of these bridges is not a bridges across lagos lagoon?


20)the following are gaming services on zigi except


21) MTN4ME services include all except? *Answer: Dance4Me*

22) where can i download businessday newspaper on zigi


23) where was zigi born?


24)How many options does zigi have

Answer 11

25) Mtn begin operation in Nigeria i what yearAns: 2001

26)* present governor of lagos state* president of Nigeria* How many days in April*How many days in Feb to make a leap year*Which option is NIN on zigi main menu(*Answers*)*Babajide Sanwo-olu**Muhammadu Buhari**30**29**6*

27) check balances is on what menu on zigi *ANSWER 1*

28) How many languages can zigi speak:*Answer: 1*

29) What month did Sound sultan die:*Answer: JULY*

30) How old is Zigi:*Answer : 1*

31) Zigi is available on all these platforms, except?*Answer*: *Snapchat*

32)Which video service is offered by MTN?*Answer*: *Showmax*

33) CallerFeel lets you send _____ to your callers?*Short Messages*

34)You can find Zigi on…?*WhatsApp*

35) To connect with Zigi, all you need is?*Data*

36)You can recharge your MTN line on Zigi through the following except*Bank draft*

37) Zigi Freebies includes all except?*GamePro*

38)Olusegun Obasanjo is from which state ? *Ogun*

39)Which of these options is not an FAQ option on Zigi?

*Zigi Daily Freebies*

40) Lottery Services on Zigi include all Except? *GrandLotto*

Zigichat Bot Past Questions and Answers 2022

  1. A significant effect of the Christian
    missionary activity in Nigeria was the
    Answer: abolition of the slave trade
  2. All of the following are renowned
    historians except__
    Answer: Prof Akin Oyebade
  3. A major contribution of Nigeria to ECOWAS is in the area of___
    Answer: provision of education

31) Ola Rotimi is best known as
Answer : writer

32). Nigeria is named after a?
Answer : River

33). Gen Sani Abacha died in what year?
Answer : 1998

34) Lagos became the crown colony in?
Answer : 1861

35) ___is the gateway state?
Answer: Ogun state

36) Abuja became the FCT in what year?
Answer: 1991

37) A major reason for the introduction of indirect rule in Northern Nigeria was to?
Answer: ?

38) Which year did nigeria change to right hand driving
Answer: 1973

39) What caused amalgamation in Nigeria in 1914
Answer: economic expediency

40) Akanu Ibiam airport is located in which state?
Ans: Enugu

41) Godwin Obaseki is the Governor which state?
Ans: Edo

42) A major economic activity among the Nupe was?
Ans: leather work

43)Nigerian educated elites agitated against colonial rule?
Ans: through newspapers

44)Which one of the following is an option in MTN4Me?

45) A reason for the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates of Nigeria in 1914 was
Ans: economic expediency

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