New Airtel 2021 Free Browsing Cheat (0.0kb)

In this post I will unveil to you the recently released AIRTEL FREE BROWSING it requires an application called Opera mini handler  with some little settings that you need to set to make it work perfectly. 

This new Airtel free browsing cheat works with opera mini handler App and doesn’t require any data or airtime. You can only use this cheat through the Opera handler browser only which means it won’t power other apps.

How dose it work?

Opera Mini Handler web browser has a customizable handler menu where users can add or edit proxy servers, proxy ports and headers; in this way, anyone can easily tweak a preferred proxy to unlock free browsing cheat on any network using the opera web browser. It is a lite weight app of below 2mb size.

What are the requirments?

➡️ Your Airtel sim card
➡️ 3g/ 4g network
➡️ Your android phone
➡️ Opera mini handler application.

Download Opera Mini handler here

Airtel opera mini trip handler settings 2019.

1) First, download and install the app on your phone.

2) open it.

3) If you open it, it will pop up a message

4) Input in the child protection

5) Mark remove port.

6) Set the proxy type as real host.

7) Proxy server:

8) Untick the child lock and click save.

9) Then wait for it to install after that you can now enjoy free internet.

That’s all. You are on your way to free and non-stop browsing.

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If you encountered any problem while setting this up, this video below can also be a help and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment below and don’t forget to share this post with friends.

Some important features of opera mini handular

➡️ It’s a free app
➡️ It can be tweaked to work free without airtime or active data subscription.

➡️ It serves as a web browser and can be used to download apps, music, videos and other stuffs online with the app.
➡️ Opera Mini Handler app is supported in many countries including Nigeria, India,, South Africa, Ghana, United States, Canada, Philippines, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Singapore, Kenya, Indonesia, China, Brazil, etc.

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