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Nigerian Ban Twitter: How to Access Your Twitter Account in Nigeria without VPN [Working Trick]

This is a quick one for everyone that needs to use Twitter without installing a VPN on their device.

This is tested and trusted but it’s quite unfortunate that iPhone users won’t be able to enjoy this trick because the PROXY is not included in iPhone Twitter.

Are you interested in knowing how to access Twitter in Nigeria without VPN? In today’s article, we’ll be showing a working trick to access the social media platform that was recently banned by the Nigerian Federal Government.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to hide the IP (internet protocol) address of a device accessing the internet. This means that any website or platform you visit, won’t have access to your original location. After the Ministry of Information and Culture made the Twitter ban announcement, all network providers stopped their users from using their IP address to access the social media platform. So technically, a VPN will change your IP address provided by your network provider, thereby giving you access to Twitter.

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Risks Associated with using VPNs

While VPN is of an advantage in this regard, there certain risks or disadvantages that come with using them, especially the untrusted ones. Your device is still exposed to malware and viruses despite using a VPN, so you have to wary of the website you visit or what you download.

Also, often, VPN slows down your internet connection. Yes, having a VPN running in the background will slow your internet connection at about 10-20%. Finally, is the issue of user data privacy. While the VPN lets you access banned sites like Twitter, it also gains access to your data. So make sure you’re using a VPN provider that you trust.

How to Access Your Twitter Account in Nigeria without VPN [Working Trick]

• Open your Twitter App.
• Click on the “Option” tab at the top left corner.
• Click on the “Settings and Privacy” tab.
• Select “Proxy”
• Enable the HTTP Proxy.
• Enter “” in the Proxy Host.
• Enter “80” in the Proxy Port.

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If this trick doesn’t work for you, kindly go to our post here about the top 10 free VPN you can use to access Twitter in Nigeria. All you need is to download anyone you like and change your location to Ghana, USA etc.

This is everything you need on how to access Twitter in Nigeria without VPN. If this trick doesn’t work for you, drop a comment below.

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