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Top Streaming Data Plans for Netflix in Nigeria (2023)

Top Streaming Data Plans for Netflix in Nigeria (2023)

Are you looking for affordable and best data plans for streaming Netflix live in Nigeria? Today we will explore more on the best data plans for Netflix in Nigeria. Additionally, you will get information on their prices, validity and how to subscribe to these cheap Netflix data plans.

Netflix is the leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies. Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from the around the world? They’re all on Netflix.

There are currently four different monthly subscription plans on Netflix Nigeria, these are:

  • Mobile plan for N1200.
  • Basic Plan which cost N2900.
  • Standard Plan for N3600.
  • Premium plan for N4400.

Let’s dive right in and talk about the top network data plans for streaming Netflix in Nigeria. We’ll cover their duration, costs, subscription process, and more. We’ll also explore the network services provided by different Internet Service Providers in Nigeria.

Netflix offers flexible data usage options, allowing you to stream on your device with as little as 300MB per hour. Alternatively, you can choose to download movies and watch them offline.

There are some affordable data plans on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile that you can use to watch Netflix in Nigeria. I will be recommending data plans from all GSM network providers in Nigeria, so feel free to pick which ever works best for you.


Plans for Heavy Data Users

  • Unlimited Data Plan for N12,500/monthly
  • Smile 100GB for N18,000 – 30 Days Validity
  • Spectranet 30GB for N7,165 per Month
  • Smile 40GB for N10,000 – 30 Days Validity
  • Spectranet 25GB for N10,235 – Per Month
  • Smile 15GB for N5,000 – 30 days validity
  • Spectranet 40GB for N12,795 per month

List of the Best Data Plans for Streaming Netflix in Nigeria

If you’re a Netflix user in Nigeria and you want to know the affordable data plans that’ll help you stream Netflix better in Nigeria, we’ve listed them out for you here on

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Glo Data Plan for Streaming Netflix

When it comes to internet data plans in Nigeria, GLO is my favourite network for browsing and downloading online, they have nice affordable data plans and they’re all good for Netflix streaming in Nigeria. The following are the Glo data plans that you can buy to stream Netflix.

1. GLO Weekend N500

The Glo Weekend500 is a budget-friendly data plan offered by GLO, exclusively available for activation during the weekend (Saturday-Sunday). For just N500, you’ll receive a generous 3GB of internet data, perfect for streaming on Netflix. Many users, including myself, often utilize this plan to stream weekend football matches.

Dial *777* then choose 1 then 8 then 5

2. GLO Special 1500

The Glo Special 1500 is a weekly internet data plan provided by GLO, priced at only N1500. This plan is not limited to streaming on Netflix alone, as it is suitable for online streaming in general. With a validity period of 7 days, you’ll receive a total of 7GB data upon activation. Additionally, if you have any unused data before the plan expires, it can be rolled over to the next period.

Dial *777# then select 1 then 1 then 6 then 1.

3) GLO Special 500

This plan is actually one of my most used glo data plans. The plan can be used in the space of two days, and it’s actually good for streaming 2 or 3 movies on Netflix.


Dial *777# then select 1 then 1 then 6 select 1 then 2

MTN Data Plan for Streaming Netflix

I have personally experienced the fast internet speed of MTN, but I must admit that their data plans are very cheap or affordable. However, they still offer some data plans that you can consider if you want to stream Netflix.

1. MTN 2.5GB for N500

I personally love using this particular MTN data plan, which is one of my favorites. To access this data offer on your SIM card, you just need to download the MyMTN app, where you can find the 2.5GB for N500 plan. The plan is valid for two days and is perfect for streaming 2 or 3 movies on Netflix.

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2. MTN 24GB for N3,500

Would you believe it if I told you that you can get a huge 24GB of data for only N3,500? Well, it’s not too good to be true! As an MTN user who subscribes regularly, you can access this amazing offer called Data4Me by dialing *121#. This data is valid for one month and is perfect for streaming Netflix in Nigeria.

3. MTN 6GB for 1500

If you’re an MTN Pulse user, you should definitely check out this data plan. It’s a weekly plan priced at only N1,500, which gives you a generous 6GB of internet data. It’s considered one of the top data plans for streaming Netflix in Nigeria.

4. MTN 40GB for N5,000

MTN’s 40GB for N5,000 is another fantastic Data4Me offer. With this plan, you’ll have access to over 40GB of internet data on your MTN number for a whole month. To subscribe to this plan, simply dial *121# on your MTN line. You can use this data for social media apps, as well as downloading movies and games.

Airtel Data Plan for Streaming Netflix

Airtel also has a very fast network in Nigeria and their data plans are also affordable and very good for streaming online. Below are some of the airtel data plans you can buy for streaming Netflix.

1) AIRTEL 6GB FOR 1500

Do you want to download large files from the internet? then this plan is for you. The Airtel 6GB for 1500 weekly plan is currently one of the best cheapest data plans in Nigeria. This plan is can be used on all internet enabled devices. To activate this plan, dial *141*1504#

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2. Airtel Data++

Airtel Data++ is a variety of internet data plans from Airtel and they’re very affordable. You can subscribe to different plans under Airtel Data++, they have different data plans and they’re very good for streaming Netflix, you can check the Airtel Data++ plans below.

  • N500 – 2.5GB – 2 days
  • N3000 – 11GB – 30 days
  • N4000 – 15GB – 30 days
  • N5000 – 22GB – 30 days

3. 9Mobile Data Plan for Streaming Netflix

If you use 9mobile and enjoy streaming Netflix, you may be interested in their affordable data plans. While 9mobile’s data plans tend to be slightly more expensive than other networks, they still offer a decent amount of data for your usage.

1. 9mobile 7GB + Social

The 9mobile 7GB + Social is a really good data plan from 9mobile and it offers two benefits, 7GB of data and also an extra data plan for accessing social media platforms. The plan costs N1,500 and it runs for a week.

2. 9mobile 11GB for N4000

Buying 11GB for N4000 on 9mobile isn’t a bad choice as the network offers a very fast internet data speed and it’s the perfect network you’ll need if you want to stream Netflix in Nigeria. You can buy this data plan as a 9mobile user and here’s the USSD code for it (*229*2*37#).

3. 9mobile 15GB for N5000

This data plan is another good data plan to stream Netflix in Nigeria, you can buy this data plan as a 9mobile user and the data runs for 30 days. It’s one of the best data plans for streaming Netflix in Nigeria, you can purchase this data plan via this (*229*2*37#) USSD code.


The above discussed are the best data plans for Netflix in Nigeria. If you know any other or better plans than the above-mentioned, please kindly state them using the comment box.

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