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Where to find insurance jobs in the USA in 2024

Discover in this article how to secure that thrilling and fulfilling career in the field of insurance that you desire.

The profession of insurance can provide both thrills and fulfillment. You hold the power to positively impact lives when you assume the role of an experienced advisor, guiding individuals towards wise decisions regarding which policies afford them reduced financial burden.

Trying to find insurance employment can be a daunting task if you’re just starting out or exploring new prospects. Today, technology plays an instrumental role in the job search process, opening the door to numerous digital listings. However, sifting through these endless digital paperwork can be monotonous besides being time-consuming.

This article presents a selection of websites where one can easily hunt for remarkable insurance careers without stressing too much. The compilation – sorted out in alphabetical order – comprises of job search engines that exclusively focus on the insurance field and others catering to different industries. Discover a trove of undiscovered sources when we disclose the elite destinations for exploring insurance jobs within the United States.

Top websites for finding insurance jobs in the US 2024

1. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is a well-established career platform that covers a significant presence globally, including the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The company is a majority owner of Apollo Global Management, certified as an HR technology platform shaping image recruitment, employment, and talent acquisition. Businesses that participate in the platform and collaborate access pool potentials that automate processes that evolve with a talent management industry standard.

Scanning the job board, you can spot over 1.2 million insurance job positions throughout America, making it quite tricky to look through all of them.

To make your search easier, you can filter the list by:

  • Job type, whether full-time, part-time, seasonal, etc.
  • Date posted
  • Salary range
  • Whether the job is remote or not
  • If the listing supports veterans

Employers can easily view your resume if you upload it for free on the website. The potential drawback is receiving a lot of spam communication from telemarketers, as indicated on certain review platforms. In addition, CareerBuilder provides career consultation and a compensation calculator to help compare earnings of comparable job positions.


One of the largest employment websites out there that only specializes in the insurance industry is Alongside job opportunities, users can gain access to various career tools to heighten their chances of finding their insurance dream job. These include insider tips for improving your resume and interview techniques, social media strategies, and supplementary career advice.

With over 3,900 job listings available, the website’s job board presents a range of employment options that can be easily filtered according to job title and zip code. From HR and legal roles to sales, auditing, and underwriting positions, job seekers can find postings in a broad range of categories. Additionally, many of the biggest names in the industry, such as All State, Tokio Marine, and Travelers are among the listed employers.

3. iHireInsurance


iHireInsurance is an insurance job listing website that offers around 22,220 positions selected especially for insurance experts. Those who sign up can expect a job search that is as convenient as it can get with familiar options such as filters and categories.

Regardless of where you are or what position you desire, iHireInsurance enables you to look for jobs by using the title or zip code filter. In addition, the site searches astonishingly far afield to include thousands of assortment pages worldwide. Through scanning over 30,000 websites containing niche publications and domains we provide search results that meet each job seeker’s requirements, curbing hours of resolving resumes for incongruous chances.

Some of the insurance jobs available include those for:

  • Account managers
  • Actuaries
  • Insurance brokers and agents
  • Executive roles
  • Loss control and risk managers
  • Premium auditors
  • Underwriters

Just like other job search sites, iHireInsurance features a reservoir for resumes, which you can utilize by adding in your own. Additionally, there’s a space specifically designed for professional pointers and guidance, with topics ranging from formulating a foolproof resume, improving your interview skills, to enriching interpersonal bonds.

4. Indeed

The straightforward layout and intuitive platform have helped keep Indeed among the top destinations for job seekers worldwide. With approximately 300 million one-of-a-kind visitors per month, it garners considerable attention. It constitutes an ideal location if you want significant options for insurance employment. Indeed houses almost 82,000 job openings focused on insurance at present.

It’s worth noting that you have the option of uploading your resume to Indeed’s database, which potential employers can easily browse through. This website also offers a broad range of filters to help you quickly find the best job openings. Additionally, there is a dedicated section where present and former employees can post ratings of their respective workplaces. This is a valuable tool to gather information about companies’ management styles, which can help you to make more informed decisions about whether or not to pursue a job opportunity.

5. Insurance Jobs offers users an array of convenient options when seeking a career in insurance. It provides the ease of searching directly from its homepage and the flexibility to filter results using state, category, or city. With access to over 2,000 employer profiles, featuring well-known names within the field such as AIG and Chubb, individuals can find their ideal match to start or grow their career. provides all the typical features of a job website, including career advice and the ability to upload and update your resume. It also provides timely updates on the insurance industry via its news section, ensuring you stay informed on industry developments.

6. LinkedIn

It’s likely that you’re familiar with LinkedIn, the biggest professional networking platform worldwide. While LinkedIn serves as a social media site, it’s more than a space for posting job listings. If you are working in the business world, LinkedIn’s digital networking tools enable you to connect with colleagues in your industry. Additionally, the website’s layout is user-friendly, allowing users to message job listings directly.

LinkedIn has become extremely popular among those seeking insurance jobs in the US, and thus now boasts more than 1.5 million such job postings on its site. Nevertheless, by employing filters, job seekers can effectively narrow their search and more easily find positions that are appropriate for their particular skillset.

7. Monster 


Having pioneered a range of game-changing features in online recruitment and employment, Monster is widely regarded as a true innovator in this exciting field. Among its ground-breaking inventions, Monster can claim leading the way in developing the concept of the resume database controlled by usernames and passwords; in introducing cutting-edge job-search agent technology (which is drawn on extensively throughout the industry even now); and in establishing the category aimed specifically at meeting the needs of executive-level jobseekers.

Monster boasts a worldwide appeal, which explains the sheer abundance of its job offerings. Amongst its many opportunities, are thousands upon thousands pertaining to insurance, visible across all parts of the United States. There are options to curate by locality or choosing a specific business.

You can opt to make a job alert on the website, which will send you an email whenever new insurance job openings are posted. The site features a salary tool that provides a rough estimate to help you with wage negotiations. Additionally, career advice can be found in a dedicated section of Monster’s website.

8. StateRequirement

The aim of StateRequirement is to assist individuals in beginning their insurance profession, in addition to accommodating the real estate and securities sectors. With a vast array of guidance at your disposal including free manuals and useful suggestions, you will find that StateRequirement offers insight into investigative techniques for insurance and real estate licenses. The website’s job annex displays a multitude of insurance job openings.

9. Ultimate Insurance Jobs

Distinct from other online job boards that showcase a comprehensive selection of insurance job vacancies, the platform abides by a stricter, more exigent vision. Its exclusive main focus is posting jobs generally limited to vital openings within the insurance field. While it shall not showcase a large plurality of results, this difference makes the process of searching and custody of targeted employment simpler and more direct.

On, users can browse through over 3,900 job opportunities sorted into 24 categories. Finding that perfect job can be made easier with the option to search by title or location. Visitors can access a wealth of career development resources such as networking opportunities and training programs in the career advice section of the website.

10. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter functions as a digital platform for job seekers and employers to connect, allowing organizations to post openings on many job sites through just one submission. Moreover, by searching over 36 million resumes within its registry, it employs AI tools to match the greatest employees to advertised opportunities. ZipRecruiter’s devoted supporters include company owners, as well as human resources teams tasked with interacting.

For those searching for work, it signifies they can examine a vast range of job opportunities and narrow down their preferences to fit their competencies and background. With excess of 2.5 million insurance jobities publicly displayed on ZipRecruiter across America. Further bonuses that embraces the establishments of a salary estimator and evaluations by those who formerly tracked down the metrics, which extend to assist classifiers among career declarations.

Top tips on landing the best insurance jobs

When perusing the job listings on these online platforms, there are a few effective methods you can utilize to procure your ideal career in the insurance industry. Below, you’ll discover a few of these strategies.

Apply only once: Although numerous insurance positions may appear on multiple websites, it would be advantageous to submit one application. Applying multiple times to the same company may be viewed as trivial and reduce your chances of being considered for the job.


Be mindful of your skills: Before you apply for a job, it’s crucial to verify that your skill set and credentials are in line with the position requirements.

Narrow down your search results: To save your time and effort while searching, customize your searches by specifying location, salary and job title among other tailored searches.

Look for newly posted roles: There are certain jobs that many insurers need to fill regularly, causing them to always have advertisements out for those positions. It’s wise to only focus on recently posted openings to ensure that you are not submitting applications for those types of jobs and instead have access to the best opportunities to advance your career.

Don’t forget social media: Many insurance providers maintain their own official social media accounts, where they broadcast job vacancies related to insurance. It’s a good idea to follow those companies whose job openings intrigue you, since doing so would enable you to keep abreast of the latest alerts about employment opportunities via your regular feed.Don’t forget social media: Many insurance providers maintain their own official social media accounts, where they broadcast job vacancies related to insurance. It’s a good idea to follow those companies whose job openings intrigue you, since doing so would enable you to keep abreast of the latest alerts about employment opportunities via your regular feed.

What are the benefits of taking insurance jobs?

Although the insurance industry thrives, it is troubled by a shortage of workers. Therefore, companies compete to hire the most suitable candidates. This simplifies one’s access to job opportunities in the field. However, the potential rewards of an insurance career should not be overlooked.

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