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X (Twitter) 1$ Charge for Creating New Accounts

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Since Elon Musk took over Twitter now called X, the platform has been making some numbers of features paid. They have recently introduce a new subscription service, which will require you to pay for creating new accounts. it was started clearly on X (twitter) today being 18th October 2023. below is the full detailes;

X (Twitter) Now Charging 1$ for Signing up

X (twitter) has introduce a new test program called Not A Bot, which will be charging 1$ a year for creating account on the platform. So if you don’t have the X (twitter) account before now, you will first have to pay a small amount before you start using it.

According to X support, there main reason for introducing subscription service is to reduce the number of bot accounts on the platform so that there’s less spam. X (twitter) says test this has been  “developed to bolster our already successful efforts to reduce spam, manipulation of our platform, and bot activity while balancing platform accessibility with the small fee amount. It is not a profit driver.“

When registering for the first time, you need to verify your phone number. Afterward, opt for the ‘Not A Bot’ program to access features such as posting, liking, reposting, quoting, and more. Alternatively, you can choose the X Premium plan. If you prefer not to pay, you can only read posts, follow users, and watch videos.

This new feature is being tested in New Zealand and the Philippians for “new accounts on the web” as of now.

In New Zealand, the yearly fee will be $1.43 NZD, while in the Philippines, it will be ₱42.51 PHP annually. The availability in other countries remains uncertain and will be determined by the reception of this test by users!

Lets see how this new feature will work out, since its still under testing!

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